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MATLAB 2021a Is Installed and Ready For Use

As many users may have noticed, the MATLAB/2021a module has been installed on HPCC and is ready for use. Users can check the release note for details of changes at this link.  Among the changes and updates in the new version, there is one thing I would like to bring to the attention of Matlab users...

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Supercomputing Resources for Social Scientists at MSU

Supercomputing Resources for Social Scientists at MSU

ICER’s Director of Training, Dr. Laura Harris, will present Supercomputing Resources for Social Scientists at MSU on Friday, May 14th, at noon. This presentation will be part of MSU’s Social Science Data Analytics (SSDA) initiative. "At the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER), we provide...

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Portrait of Xiaorui Liu

Faster Distributed Machine Learning for Free

If one computer can process a set of data in 10 hours, it would be reasonable to assume that 10 computers could process that data in one hour. The research of Xiaorui Liu, an MSU graduate student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, reveals that this is not the case. The...

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Portrait of Nanye Long

SLURM Job Failure Due to the "oom" Error

Many users have asked us how to deal with error messages such as: slurmstepd: error: Detected 2 oom-kill event(s) in StepId=xxxxx.batch cgroup. In the above message, oom stands for "out of memory". It means that your process needs more memory than what is available. Therefore, you need to request...

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Announcing the 2021 HPC-AI Challenge

The International Society for Computational Biology is pleased to announce the HPC-AI Advisory Council (HPCAIAC) and National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore 2021 APAC HPC-AI Competition. High-performance computing and artificial intelligence are the most essential tools fueling the...

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Computational & Data Science Fellowships

Do you know of students who are studying data science or computing applications, and who are either women or members of an underrepresented group? Please share this information with them - it could be worth $15,000 per year. Nominations are now open for ACM SIGHPC’s international program of...

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GPU and CPU Usage Limitation Imposed on General Accounts

As many of our users have noticed, the HPCC job policy was updated recently. SLURM now enforces the CPU and GPU hour limit on general accounts. The command “SLURMUsage” now includes the report of both CPU and GPU usage. For general account users, the limit of CPU usage is reduced from 1,000,000 to...

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ICER User Support Resources

Recently, we created a Microsoft Teams channel (here is the channel link) named “User Forum,” which is a digital gathering space for users to discuss HPCC topics. This space is designed for users to interact with each other. For example, a user might have a question about a specialized topic in a...

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Cloud Computing for Research Roundtable - RVSP Requested

When: Thursday March 18, 2021, 3-4:30 p.m. Where: Via Zoom (register here) - please RSVP via this link by 3/11/2021. MSU’s Research Facilitation Network is delighted to announce its next event: a roundtable discussion about cloud computing and its potential to enhance research at MSU. The event...

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Letter From the Director

Dear Colleagues, I’m delighted to announce two new people have joined ICER’s ranks: Ms. Michelle David, our new Communications Manager, and Dr. Laura Harris, our new Director of Training.  I welcome them to ICER and to Michigan State University, and am excited to see the new ways in which they will...

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Portrait of Kiyoto Tanemura

Combining Artificial Intelligence and Chemistry to Identify Molecules

At the intersection of artificial intelligence and chemistry, Kiyoto Tanemura is working to develop a method for identifying molecules based on information about the nature of their collisions. Tanemura, an MSU graduate student studying computational chemistry in the lab of Dr. Kenneth Merz, Jr.,...

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New Feature: Application Icons on Desktop

Have you ever wished that using HPCC was more like using your personal computer? Forget about the frustrations of command lines and job scripts. We are working on one-click app icons on your desktop in the session of HPCC OnDemand. Yes, just one click to run your favorite applications on HPCC. (...

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