Grant Awarded for Accessible Supercomputer: MSU Data Machine. Graphic contains images of computational research.

Grant Awarded for Accessible Supercomputer: MSU Data Machine

Although the phrase “high-performance computing” traditionally conjures images of a computer scientist more so than a social scientist, the reality is that many diverse areas of research benefit from access to the advanced computational capacity offered by a high-performance computing center (HPCC...

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Jupyter Notebook Corner: Artificial Neural Networks

Download the lesson materials. An artificial neural network (ANN) is a deep learning algorithm using artificial intelligence. ANNs consist of layers of interconnected artificial neurons (i.e., nodes) powered by activation functions (i.e., mathematical formula to determine if the neuron is switched...


Facts About SLURM Usage

Recently, we received a ticket from a buy-in account user asking a question about SLURM usage quota. The following list contains useful information about SLURM CPU/GPU usage quota shown in the output of the command “SLURMUsage” for general and buy-in users. The “SLURMUsage” command only takes the...

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Rachel Toczydlowski Portrait

Learning to Think in Parallel: From Fieldwork to High-Performance Computing

For Dr. Rachel Toczydlowski, the title Computational Biologist still seems strange. Having started her career with fieldwork, adding the descriptor “computational” did not feel natural. Incorporating high-performance computing into her repertoire has opened new avenues and changed aspects of how ...

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Supercomputing in 360 degrees

MSU Science Festival: Supercomputing in 360 Degrees!

Check out ICER's virtual booth at the MSU Science Festival! While supplies last, pick up a pair of free ICER VR glasses during Science in the Gardens. You can explore the content below anytime, and be sure to check out the live virtual presentation that includes a Q&A with a supercomputing...

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Troubleshooting Failed HPCC Jobs

If your submitted job has failed, the first thing to investigate is the SLURM output file. Most of the time, the error message in the output file will provide clues for fixing the problem. If not, the next step is to try to run the command in the job script directly on a dev-node. Usually, the...

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Cloud Computing Fellowship Enters Second Phase

The 2021 Cloud Computing Fellows have been hard at work completing the first phase of the fellowship. “The MSU ICER Cloud Computing Fellowship began with a series of group sessions that introduced the fellows to the concept of cloud computing using commercial cloud resources made available through...

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Using Powertools With the HPCC

Powertools is a collection of software tools and examples that allows researchers to better utilize High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. Powertools was created to help advanced users use the High Performance Computer Center (HPCC) more effectively. By default, powertools is loaded when users...

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Prevent File Loss on the HPCC

From time to time, we receive requests from users to restore their deleted files. In this article, we would like to share with our users some tips and tricks for preventing file loss. First, users will need to understand the file system on HPCC so that they can store their files in the right...

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Warm Holiday Wishes From the ICER Team

Please enjoy this digital postcard created by the ICER team to wish you a happy holiday season! We are proud to help facilitate the impressive work that is done by our users. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to working with you in 2022!


Using OnDemand for Python Programming on the MSU HPCC

Click the link below to learn more about using OnDemand for Python programming on MSU’s HPCC. This instructional document contains a step-by-step explanation with screenshots that will guide users through the start-up process. Instructional Document: Using OnDemand for Python Programming Laura...

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Carl Fields Graphic

Carl Fields Tackles the Largest Questions of Our Universe

Left photo credit: Adele Han, Right photo credit: Neulyn Moss The illustrious arc of Dr. Carl Fields’ time in graduate school at Michigan State University recently concluded as he began his postdoctoral research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He continues working to answer some of the largest...

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