The iCER team is dedicated to providing high-performance computing users with the support and services they need to acheive their goals. We're made up of professionals who specialize in the technical, research, business, and communications aspects of the supercomputing field. 


Portrait of Pat Bills

Pat Bills

Research Software Engineer
Portrait of Kelly Climer - HPC Administrator

Kelly Climer

HPC Administrator
Dirk Colbry Portrait

Dirk Colbry

Director of User Support
Portrait of Cameron Crisovan - information technologist I

Cameron Crisovan

HPC Administrator
Portrait of Michelle David

Michelle David

Communications Manager
Portrait of Steven Ford - HPC Administrator

Steven Ford

HPC Administrator
Andrew Fullard Portrait

Andrew Fullard

Research Consultant
Portrait of Craig Gross

Craig Gross

Research Consultant
Portrait of Tom Holcomb

Tom Holcomb

HPC Administrator
Portrait of Andrew Keen - HPC Administrator

Andrew Keen

HPC Administrator
Portrait of Claire Kopenhafer

Claire Kopenhafer

Research Consultant
Jim Leikert - HPC Administrator

Jim Leikert

HPC Administrator
Portrait of Nanye Long - Research Consultant

Nanye Long

Research Consultant
Portrait of Brian O'Shea - Director of iCER

Brian O'Shea

Director, Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research
Nicholas Panchy Portrait

Nicholas Panchy

Research Consultant
Portrait of Joel Parks - HPC Administrator

Joel Parks

HPC Administrator
Portrait of Mahmoud Parvizi

Mahmoud Parvizi

Research Consultant
Adam Pitcher Portrait

Adam Pitcher

Assistant Director, Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research
Portrait of Starr Portice

Starr Portice

Financial Analyst
Portrait of Nicholas Rahme - HPC Administrator

Nicholas Rahme

HPC Administrator
Portrait of Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan

HPC Administrator
Portrait of Xiaoge Wang - Research Consultant

Xiaoge Wang

Research Consultant
Portrait of Chris Weaver

Christopher Weaver

Software Systems Engineer