Intro Title:  What is ICER? Intro Text:  The Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER) provides the cyberinfrastructure for researchers from across academia and industry to perform their computational research. ICER supports multidisciplinary research in all facets of computational sciences. ICER continually works to enhance MSU’s national and international presence and competitive edge in disciplines and research that rely on advanced computing. Intro Link:  /about Feature 1 Title:  Buy-In Feature 1 Text:  Buy-in is priority access within ICER to advance computational research. Feature 1 Link:  /users/buy-options Feature 2 Title:  Here to Help Feature 2 Text:  ICER is dedicated to providing guidance, consulting, documentation, and training for researchers. Feature 3 Text:  The HPCC maintains a large number of computing resources designed to support research. Feature 3 Title:  Hardware Feature 2 Link:  /users Feature 3 Link:  /hpcc/hardware Feature 1 Image:  Users receiving high performance computing research training. Feature 2 Image:  Kelly Osborn working with people at the High Performance Computing Center at Michigan State University Feature 3 Image:  Hardware at the High Performance Computing Center at Michigan State University.
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Hero Title:  ICER Business Continuity during COVID-19 Hero Link:  https://icer.msu.edu/about/announcements/icer-business-continuity-during-covid-19 Hero Text:  As part of MSU’s response to COVID-19, ICER is transitioning to an online-only support model. All HPCC services will continue as normal. Hero Image: 
Hero Title:  Research Highlights: Ashley Shade Hero Link:  https://icer.msu.edu/research/featured/leveraging-resilience-microbial-communities-support-stable-ecosystems Hero Text:  The researchers within the Shade lab want to understand microbiome resilience. Resilience is the capacity of a system to recover after its been altered by a disturbance. Hero Image:  Ashley's photo
Hero Title:  ICER Student Highlights: Zhuoqin Yu Hero Link:  https://www.icer.msu.edu/about/announcements/icer-research-highlights-zhuoqin-yu Hero Text:  Zhuoqin Yu's research involves the process of determining protein-ligand complex structures through developing a regression model to predict NMR chemical shift perturbations (CSPs) of protein induced by ligand binding. Hero Image:  Zhuoqin Yu
Hero Title:  Student Highlights: Lavida Brook Hero Link:  https://icer.msu.edu/about/announcements/icer-student-highlights-lavida-brooks Hero Text:  Lavida’s research focuses on the effects of age upon gene expression and how that gene expression relates to the development of respiratory and neurodegenerative diseases. Hero Image:  Lavida
Hero Title:  Who will ... Hero Link:  http://icer.msu.edu/about Hero Text:  Provide the computational power to process big data? Be the catalyst for innovative research? Drive cutting-edge discoveries? Who will? Spartans Will. Hero Image:  ICER