For Users

In addition to access, support, and training to utilize the MSU High Performance Computing Center (HPCC), ICER provides a growing list of computational services for faculty, their staff, and their students engaged in research on campus.


ICER provides training opportunities to help beginning and experienced high-performance computing (HPC) researchers utilize MSU’s computational resources. Please see our Education and Events page for details.  A step-by-step guide for getting started with HPCC is provided here.

Research Consulting

ICER Research Consultants are available to enable new and experienced HPC users to achieve their research goals. Research Consultants have extensive scientific computing experience in complex workflows, leveraging numerical libraries, and are familiar with many parallel-programming paradigms. In addition, research consultants pursue research goals in collaboration with MSU faculty and are available to assist with research proposals. Assistance and advice on scientific computing including:

  • Application and programming support
  • Grant and research collaborations 


In addition to training, Research Consultants are available for talks or seminars describing ICER services and how HPC resources are used for research. Departments and units on campus may request a presentation from ICER’s Research Consultants. Use the contact form to request a seminar or talk.


ICER maintains an online user manual for getting new users up and running as soon as possible on the HPCC.

Getting Help

If you have any questions, would like to request an account, or want to make an appointment with an ICER Research Consultant, you can Contact Us any time. One-on-one help is also available through Microsoft Teams during our Virtual Office Hours held every Monday and Thursday from 1-2 p.m., except on university holidays. No appointment is necessary to attend. For instructions on connecting to the ICER Virtual Help Desk, click here

Other Services

If you have an idea about a particular ICER service you'd like to see or have any comments, questions or requests, please use our Contact Form.