Upcoming seminars and workshops

NVIDIA Technical Conference

The NVIDIA GTC technical conference provides an opportunity to hear from a global community of developers, researchers, engineers, and innovators who are delivering over 1,000 sessions, interactive panels, demos, and research posters.

Data Science Collaboration: Navigating Disciplinary Boundaries

Interdisciplinarity is necessary to address issues that are too complex to be dealt with sufficiently through a single discipline. Panelists will highlight common issues that researchers must navigate and best practices for forging successful collaborations in a variety of contexts.

Fun w/ R

R-Ladies East Lansing and R-Ladies Chicago are co-hosting "Fun with R," where members share fun R packages! Talks can include topics such as chess w/ R, music w/ R, Rcade games, and other fun packages.

ICER Webinar: Introduction to Linux

Learn to navigate the UNIX file system and write a basic shell script as a prerequisite for submitting computational jobs on the HPCC.

ICER Webinar: Introduction to HPCC

This is a hands-on introductory workshop on using MSU’s High Performance Computing Center (HPCC).