Upcoming seminars and workshops

CMSE 890-302: Statistical Analysis and Visualization of Biological Data

This course is for science students who have minimal background in statistics. Topics include summary statistics, probability distributions, confidence intervals, P-values, Type I/II errors, ANOVA, regression, and PCA.

Supercomputing for Everyone Series: Introduction to R for Biologists

In this three day workshop, learn about the basics of the R language - structure, data types, and functions - that will help you read and write R. 

NVidia Webinar: Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++

Learn how to accelerate and optimize existing C/C++ CPU-only applications using the most essential CUDA tools and techniques. Understand how the iterative style of CUDA development allows you to ship accelerated applications fast. 

XSEDE HPC Monthly Webinar: OpenMP

This workshop is intended to give C and Fortran programmers a hands-on introduction to OpenMP programming. Attendees will leave with a working knowledge of how to write scalable codes using OpenMP.


This course is for students who want to understand common ways that statistics are done wrong. Topics include p-hacking, statistical power, pseudoreplication, and model abuse.

InspiRing InstRuction: A panel on teaching

Someone in your department, company, or class comes to you and says: "I want to learn R; where do I start?" Or, "how do I take my R skills to the next level?" Hear from 3 R-Ladies on how to make R pedagogy work for different groups of people!

Webinar: Using NCBI data & tools in the Cloud

NCBI will lead a 2-day workshop introducing new cloud-ready tools. These tools include the Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline (PGAP), ElasticBLAST for scaling up bulk BLAST alignment tasks for large-sized queries, and GCP's BigQuery for SRA data to bring the power of structured queries to SRA data archives.

Webinar: Introduction to Linux

Learn to navigate the UNIX file system and write a basic shell script as a prerequisite for submitting computational jobs on the HPCC.

Webinar: Introduction to HPCC

This is a hands-on introductory workshop on using MSU’s High Performance Computing Center (HPCC).