Upcoming seminars and workshops

XSEDE Webinar: An Introduction to Singularity: Containers for Scientific and High-Performance Computing

With Singularity you can package complex scientific workflows --- software applications, libraries, and data --- in a simple, portable, and reproducible way, which can then be run almost anywhere. This webinar will provide an overview of Singularity and how you might incorporate the use of containers in your own research.

NVidia Webinar: First Deep Neural Network

This workshop is an introduction to Deep Learning using Tensorflow and Keras.

ICER Webinar: Introduction to Linux

Learn to navigate the UNIX file system and write a basic shell script as a prerequisite for submitting computational jobs on the HPCC.

ICER Webinar: Introduction to HPCC

This is a hands-on introductory workshop on using MSU’s High Performance Computing Center (HPCC).

XSEDE Webinar: Performance Tuning and Single Processor Optimization

This presentation is targeted at attendees who both do their own code development and need their calculations to finish as quickly as possible.

NVidia Webinar: Convolution Neural Network Models

This workshop is an introduction to deep learning using convolution neural networks . It includes a Jupyter notebook using Tensorflow and Keras.

NVidia Webinar: Hyperparamter Optimization

This workshop illustrates how to search the set of training and model parameters to find the best possible model for a given training set. Simple grid search is used with seven different examples to illustrate how you can integrate Keras and Scikit-learn.