ICER Academic Research Consulting Services (ARCS)

The ARCS Program

ICER is excited to announce that we now provide an Academic Research Consulting service (ARCS) to meet the computationally complex needs of the MSU research community. Research groups in need of software and computational workflow development services, dedicated training programs, as well as those that require additional scientific expertise in areas such as bioinformatics, time-series analysis, and computational modeling may request long-term collaborations with ARCS research consultants. ICER ARCS consultants are PhD-level researchers with domain-specific computational expertise and experience at R1 institutions. ARCS collaborations require funding and may be funded internally through startup grants or unit-level support or externally by grant support or industrial partnerships.

The rest of this page provides more details on the ARCS program including types of services, consultants, project development procedures, and service rates. Investigators who are interested in discussing collaborative projects are welcome to contact the ARCS Point of Contact (Brian O’Shea, the Director of ICER) at to set up an appointment to discuss their needs.