ICER Internship Program

ICER Internship Program

The Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER) supports the use of advanced computing systems to accelerate research and discovery at Michigan State University (MSU). ICER is home to the MSU High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC), which provides advanced computing hardware to all MSU researchers and their collaborators.

We are hiring a team of MSU undergraduate and graduate students to help with a variety of important projects in data science, web development, software testing, communications, working with computer hardware, and more. Students are paid on an hourly basis, and the pay rate is dependent on qualifications. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Position specifications may vary based on academic level and skillset. Student work can be fully remote, or students may choose to work in the ICER offices on the MSU campus. Hours are flexible to student schedules. These positions can be renewed each semester when mutually beneficial to the student and ICER. Please feel free to contact the ICER Internship Program Directors, Dr. Nick Panchy ( and Michelle David (, with any questions about this program.


Job Responsibilities:

ICER will work with motivated candidates to identify projects that suit their interests and allow them to learn marketable skills they can use after graduation. Example projects are listed below.

ICER has three websites that require development, updating, and maintenance. The main ICER website and the Advanced Computational Research Experience for Students website require continuous changes to content, usability, and design. The public documentation wiki is a work-in-progress that needs continuous functionality updates in HTML and CSS. We are looking for people who are ready to take on the technical and creative tasks involved in web development.

Other projects involve analyzing data to measure our success in our mission to accelerate research and discovery. Students will work with ICER faculty and staff to explore a wide range of data sources and build automated data analytics. These analytics will then be used to evaluate the progress of ICER in achieving its goals. Experience with Python, Data Science, and High-Performance Computing is highly desired but not required.

Many more projects are available. If you are interested in joining the ICER team, tell us how you would like to contribute!


Desired Skills:

Applicants must demonstrate good problem-solving skills, strong oral and written communication skills, an eagerness to learn, and the ability to work in a self-directed manner and as part of a team. Although no prior work experience is required, some knowledge of computer programming or scientific computing is expected. Ideally, applicants will also have experience in one or more of the following: computer administration, website development, scientific communication, using HPC systems, customer technical support, hacking, or tinkering.


To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Dr. Dirk Colbry (, Michelle David (, and Dr. Nicholas Panchy (
Date Posted:  Tuesday, August 8, 2023