New Scratch System gs21 and Retirement of ls15 and gs18

We are excited to announce the general release of our new gs21 scratch system, now available at /mnt/gs21/scratch on all user systems, including gateways, development nodes, and the compute cluster. The new scratch system provides 3 PB of space for researchers and allows us to continue to maintain 50 TB quotas for our growing community. The new system also includes 200 TB of high-speed flash. You may begin to utilize the new scratch system immediately, and as always, please open a ticket at should you have any questions or require any assistance.

On July 15th, /mnt/scratch and the $SCRATCH variable will be updated to point to the new gs21 space. On July 22nd, ls15 and gs18 will be marked read-only, and will be removed from service on July 31st. Please update your scripts or programs that explicitly use gs18 and ls15 to use gs21. If you have a large quantity of data (>10 TB) to move from the old systems to the new, please contact us and we can help you use tools to transfer the data quickly.

Due to the high utilization of gs18 and the age of ls15 and gs18, we are encouraging users to begin migrating to gs21 at their earliest convenience.

Nicholas Rahme
HPC Administrator