ICER Research Consultants Teach CMSE 890 Courses

ICER Research Consultants are teaching the following sections of CMSE 890 in the Fall 2023 semester.

High-Performance Computing with Python 
CMSE 890-401
Instructor: Dr. Claire Kopenhafer
Python already supports a wide range of packages that can assist in your research. Now, learn a variety of techniques for making your software more efficient, reducing the time it takes to get research results. Check out the course flyer for more details.

Reproducible Computational Workflows
CMSE 890-402
Instructor: Dr. Andrew Fullard
This course will teach you the basics of data analysis workflows, from planning to creation. You will understand modularity, automaton, data structures, version control and code design for research data and software. Check out the course flyer for more details.