An Even Easier Way to Write and Run Code on the HPCC With Browser-Based VS Code

ICER has introduced a new application available through OnDemand called "Code Server," an implementation of Visual Studio Code run directly from your browser. Users can edit files, run code, access terminals, and use any features of VS Code natively on the HPCC without needing to set up any new software.

Just log in to OnDemand using your MSU account, and select "Code Server (beta)" from the Interactive Apps drop-down. Input how long you'd like your session to run and some other resources, and you're ready to go! Code Server will start up, ready to run code on your reserved resources.

As the name suggests, the Code Server OnDemand app is still in beta. If you find any bugs, please contact us so that we can improve the experience for everyone!

Craig Gross
ICER Research Consultant