Half-life and spin of 60Mng

TitleHalf-life and spin of 60Mng
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLiddick, SN, Mantica, PF, Brown, BA, Carpenter, MP, Davies, AD, Horoi, M, Janssens, RVF, Morton, AC, Mueller, WF, Pavan, J, Schatz, H, Stolz, A, Tabor, SL, Tomlin, BE, Wiedeking, M
JournalPhysical Review C
Date Published04/2006

A value of 0.28±0.02 s has been deduced for the half-life of the ground state of {60Mn,} in sharp contrast to the previously adopted value of 51±6 s. Access to the low-spin {60Mn} ground state was accomplished via β decay of the 0+ {60Cr} parent nuclide. New low-energy states in {60Mn} have been identified from β-delayed γ-ray spectroscopy. The new, shorter half-life of {60Mng} is not suggestive of isospin-forbidden β decay, and new spin and parity assignments of 1+ and 4+ have been adopted for the ground and isomeric β-decaying states, respectively, of {60Mn.}