Software/Data Carpentry Instructor Training

Software/Data Carpentry Instructor Training

June 12th, 9:00AM to June 13th, 5:00PM

Do you enjoy programming? Do you like helping others learn how to code? Are you interested in learning about how people learn and how best to teach them? If so, apply to be trained as a Certified Software Carpentry Instructor.

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Application deadline: May 10, 2018

What's required?

  • Apply to participate in Instructor Training (group code: 2018-06-12-ttt-msu). Applicants willing to co-lead a Software Carpentry workshop in their department will be given preference.
  • Participate in an online 2-day training 
  • Complete the Checkout Procedure

What's the cost? This workshop is free to you. In return we ask that you co-lead one Software Carpentry workshop in your department within 6 months of participating in the 2-day online training.


The two-day class has the following overall goals:

  • Introduce you to evidence-based best-practices of teaching.
  • Teach you how to create a positive environment for learners at your workshops.
  • Provide opportunities for you to practice and build your teaching skills.
  • Help you become integrated into the Carpentry community.
  • Prepare you to use these teaching skills in teaching Carpentry workshops.

Because we have only two days, some things are beyond the scope of this class. We will not be learning:

  • How to program in R or Python, use git, or any of the other topics taught in Carpentry workshops.
  • How to create your own lessons from scratch (although you will have a good start on the principles behind that sort of work if you’re inspired to learn more).

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