November 9th, 11:00AM to 1:00PM

Instructor: Dr. Nanye Long

Learn about using R on the MSU’s High Performance Computing system via the command line and batch jobs.

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R is a widely used statistical computing environment that runs on all platforms, including HPC.  This course will not introduce R, but will introduce using R on the MSU’s High Performance Computing system using the command line.  The workshop will use "Rscript" as the engine to execute R commands. Basic techniques for parallel computing in R will be discussed.


  1. Rscript one-liner for quick and short command execution

  2. Embedding an R script file in qsub job submission scripts

  3. Examples of  the {doParallel} package

Prerequisites:  MSU iCER account.  Users should know how to use R on their own computer and must have taken the Introduction to HPCC workshop or used MSU’s HPC for research.  

Software Used: Mac users should install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client on the MS App Store


Snack provided (pizza and pop). 

Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building, Room 1455A
567 Wilson Rd,
East Lansing, MI 48824
United States
Michigan US