PC to HPC: Parallel Computing

PC to HPC: Parallel Computing

September 20th, 11:00AM to 1:00PM

Instructor: Dr. Xiaoge Wang

This seminar will introduce the basic concepts of parallel computing and demonstrate these concepts through shell script examples.

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The PC to HPC seminar series will focus on parallel computing concepts and algorithms using examples with various tools. Participants will learn the fundamental concepts that influence the thinking and practice of computation-based research such as: (i) partitioning, including data partition and task partition; (ii) communication by data sharing or message passing; and (iii) coordination between parallel tasks.

Shell script examples will be used to demonstrate the principles of parallel computing.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic Linux commands and shell scripts is assumed. Participants must have taken the Introduction to HPCC workshop or used MSU’s HPC for research. Some programming knowledge would be beneficial but is not required.

Lunch: Provided
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