Dr. Yongjun Choi

Dr. Yongjun Choi

Research Consultant, MSU Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research
Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building
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Bio: Dr. Yongjun Choi is a Research Consultant in the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research. Prior to joining ICER in 2014, Dr. Choi received his Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan in 2008, where he used large-scale simulations to study electric propulsions. After receiving his Ph.D., he worked as a research scientist at Tech-X in Boulder (2008-2014). At present, in addition to supporting MSU students, staff, and faculty he continues to pursue research relating to plasma modeling. He is also engaging in a long-term collaboration with Prof. Michael Murillo in the CMSE department to develop a high performant molecular dynamic code for plasma physics in order to more efficiently use modern supercomputers.

Research and technical skills:

  • Programming languages: Python, C++, Fortran
  • Parallel programming with MPI and OpenMP
  • Workflow automation with Bash
  • Scientific expertise in plasma physics, numerical analysis.

Selected publications:

  1. Y. Choi, M. Murillo, Influence of Dissipation and Effective Interaction on the Dense Plasma Dynamic Structure Factor, Physical Review E Letters, submitted, 2021
  2. L. G. Silvestri, L. J. Stanek, Y. Choi, M. S. Murillo, Sarkas: A Fast Pure-Python Molecular Dynamics Suite for Plasma Physics, in preparation, 2021
  3. Y. Choi, G. Dharuman, and M. S. Murillo, “High-frequency response of classical strongly coupled plasmas,” Physical Review E, pp. 1–11, Jul. 2019