Coupled-cluster calculations for valence systems around O16

TitleCoupled-cluster calculations for valence systems around O16
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsGour, JR, Piecuch, P, Hjorth-Jensen}, M{, Wloch, M, Dean, DJ
JournalPhysical Review C
Date Published08/2006

We study the ground and low-lying excited states of {15O,} {17O,} {15N,} and {17F} using modern two-body nucleon-nucleon interactions and the suitably designed variants of the ab initio equation-of-motion coupled-cluster theory aimed at an accurate description of systems with valence particles and holes. A number of properties of {15O,} {17O,} {15N,} and {17F,} including ways the energies of ground and excited states of valence systems around {16O} change as functions of the number of nucleons, are correctly reproduced by the equation-of-motion coupled-cluster calculations performed in up to eight major-oscillator shells. Certain disagreements with experiment are in part because of the degrees of freedom such as three-body interactions not accounted for in our effective two-body Hamiltonians. In particular, the calculated binding energies of {15O/15N} and {17O/17F} enable us to rationalize the discrepancy between the experimental and recently published {[Phys.} Rev. Lett. 94, 212501 (2005)] equation-of-motion coupled-cluster excitation energies for the Jπ=3- state of {16O.} Our calculations demonstrate the feasibility of the equation-of-motion coupled-cluster methods to deal with valence systems around closed-shell nuclei and to provide results for systems beyond A=16.