Coupled-Cluster Calculations for Valence Systems around 16 O

TitleCoupled-Cluster Calculations for Valence Systems around 16 O
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsPiecuch, P, Gour, JR, Hjorth-Jensen}, M{, Wloch, M, Dean, DJ
JournalPhysical Review C
Pagination18 pages
Date Published8/2006

We study the ground and low-lying excited states of 15O, 17O, 15N, and 17F using modern two-body nucleon-nucleon interactions and the suitably designed variants of the ab initio equation-of-motion coupled-cluster theory aimed at an accurate description of systems with valence particles and holes. A number of properties of 15O, 17O, 15N, and 17F, including ways the energies of ground and excited states of valence systems around 16O change as functions of the number of nucleons, are correctly reproduced by the equation-of-motion coupled-cluster calculations performed in up to eight major-oscillator shells. Certain disagreements with experiment are in part because of the degrees of freedom such as three-body interactions not accounted for in our effective two-body Hamiltonians. In particular, the calculated binding energies of 15O/15N and 17O/17F enable us to rationalize the discrepancy between the experimental and recently published [Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 212501 (2005)] equation-of-motion coupled-cluster excitation energies for the Jπ=3- state of 16O. Our calculations demonstrate the feasibility of the equation-of-motion coupled-cluster methods to deal with valence systems around closed-shell nuclei and to provide results for systems beyond A=16.