09/18/2018 The October 15th Deadline Is Approaching! Time To Get Ready!

As you are probably aware, we are in the middle of a transition for MSU HPCC. We have taken delivery and are presently testing a new 2018 cluster and a new file system at the new MSU data center. Bringing up a new cluster while still maintaining the old gives us an opportunity to implement some other changes as well. The new cluster is running a new version of the operating system, CentOS7. CentOS6, the current version, stopped receiving full updates in 05/17. Furthermore, we are transitioning to a new scheduler, Slurm, with support from SchedMD.

The present equipment in the Engineering building will also be moved to the new Data Center. In anticipation of that move we have already started moving some of the current 2016/2014 nodes to the CentOS7/Slurm setup, and those nodes are available for testing. More nodes will be moved to this new configuration as they are rebooted or otherwise go offline and are brought back up. 

However, on October 15th, 2018, our contract with Adaptive, the providers of Moab/Torque, will end. On that date, even before we move the old nodes, we will have to convert *all* of the extant nodes to the CentOS7/Slurm setup.

The staff has been working very hard to make this transition as seamless as possible. To this end they did extensive testing as well as providing documentation on how to work with through this transition.

For more information about using the new system and a timeline for the upcoming changes, please see the link: https://wiki.hpcc.msu.edu/x/SAIzAQ.

We hope you will bear with us as these changes go forward. We are changing many things and there are bound to be some issues. However, the HPCC staff is awesome and they will help you work through them. We urge you to do some testing *now* so that when the full conversion occurs on October 15th you will be ready to work in the new system.

Overall we think this will be a positive change in many ways and a great improvement to the overall usefulness of HPCC for the research here at MSU. 

Thank you!

Bill Punch,
Associate Director, iCER