What To Do When Modules Cannot Be Loaded

MSU's High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) has a variety of software packages installed system-wide. To access these software, users must load modules which manage the software and their dependencies systematically.

Sometimes, you may find that a particular module can not be loaded. This occurs because the module to be loaded requires other pre-requiste modules to be first loaded before it can be loaded. The example below, shows that in order to load OpenMPI/3.1.4 requires GCC/8.3.0 be pre-loaded. The command "module spider <module_name>" shows the names of all pre-requite modules for <module_name>. In this example the command, "module spider OpenMPI/3.1.4" will show which modules are required in order to load OpenMPI/3.1.4.

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Yongjun Choi
Research Consultant