Summer Advanced Computational Research Experience for Students (ACRES) Begins

FRIDAY, May 26th – Eleven undergraduates from around the US arrived at Michigan State University’s campus this week to participate in the 10-week Advanced Computational Research Experiences (ACRES) program. One of only two CISE Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) programs in the state of Michigan, this NSF- and DoD-funded program focuses on teaching students useful skills pertaining to research and advanced computing during the first 2 weeks, followed by a meaningful research experience in areas related to advanced computing for the remainder of the program.

Students in this year’s cohort hail from as far south as Texas, west from California and east from New York. Their disciplinary interests include physics and astrophysics, biology, mathematics, statistics, economics and computer science. Over the summer, students will interact with faculty, postdoc and graduate student mentors including Dr. Filomena Nunes from the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL), Dr. Ashley Shade from the Plant Resilience Institute, Drs. Andrew Findley and Phoebe Zarnetske from the Geospatial Lab and Drs. Brian O’Shea and Mohsen  Zayernouri from MSU’s Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering (CMSE).

ACRES interns will share their science via weekly blog posts and lightning talks, a final poster presentation at Mid-SURE, an oral presentation, and a written research highlight. We invite you to follow their progress on the MSUacres blog or visit the weekly ACRES seminars, which will be held in EGR 1502 on Thursdays from 12:45 -1:30 p.m., to hear student lightning talks.

ACRES is conducted by MSU’s Department of Computational Mathematics, Science & Engineering (CMSE) and Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (iCER).

By Camille Archer, Brian O' Shea