Q&A on using your scratch space

While we are upgrading HPCC's file systems, some issues related to file downloading and transfer are clarified below.

Q1 - I can't use git commands in my home directory.

Please use your scratch space instead. Each user should have two scratch folders after login to a dev-node:


Note that

1) This is only a temporary workaround. Upon completion of our file system upgrade, your home directory should work properly again.

2) As a reminder, files in scratch are automatically purged if the last modification time is older than 45 days.

Q2 - I used scp or sftp to transfer files from my scratch but got a "no such files or directory" error.

If you use hpcc.msu.edu as the hostname, you are connecting to the gateway (login) node which has no scratch mounted. You should connect to rsync.hpcc.msu.edu in this case. It is a dedicated server for file transfer; however, at this point, only ls15 is available. We are in the process of installing gs18 on it.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Nanye Long
iCER Research Counsultant