Important Scratch Purge Update

We are changing how we handle old files on our Lustre file system.  Any files that haven’t been modified for 45 days will be deleted permanently.

We've paused the implementation of that policy when we installed a new scratch disk in November 2015 and began test runs of file purging in Fall 2016.   During this testing period, it's been sometimes possible to recover files purged from the scratch. We've completed our testing and start from February 20th, we are running a regular purge process: files from scratch that haven’t been modified for 45 days will be permanently deleted. 

The 'scratch' file system (available on /mnt/scratch) is for temporary working files only and not a file storage solution.  If the disk system fails and there is data loss, those data are not recoverable.   You must copy any files you wish to keep from scratch to your home directory, shared research folder, or transfer to an external system or those files will be lost and cannot be recovered. The disk quota on /mnt/ls15 for each user is 1 million files or 50TB space. Please make sure your files on the scratch are not over the limit.  

Your home directory has snapshots and offsite backups.  You may request up to 1TB for free.  See  

Additional storage space on home or shared research folders is available for a reasonable annual cost. (MSU NetID logins required)


Publish date: February 15th