Easier Way to Launch Interactive Jobs on the HPCC

We have a new, easier way to launch interactive jobs on the HPCC! The "interact" script wraps around "salloc" to provide sensible defaults for interactive jobs of 1 core on 1 node for 1 hour. You can request a specific time with the "-t" option, e.g. "interact -t 4:00:00" for 4 hours. It also has the convenient option "-gpu" to request 1 GPU and 16 cores. "interact -gpu -t 4:00:00" would request 1 GPU and 16 cores for 4 hours. Please see our documentation at https://docs.icer.msu.edu/Interactive_Job/#interact-powertool for more information. The "interact" tool was adapted from the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, and we appreciate their open sharing of useful tools.

Andrew Fullard
ICER Research Consultant