Check Status Changes using HPCC Announcements

HPCC has undergone many changes since September 2018. We migrated our nodes from CentOS6 to CentOS7 and transitioned to a new job scheduler: SLURM. We currently have two scratch systems (gs18 and ls15) and are going to migrate users' home and research directories to IBM GPFS (General Parallel File System). All of these changes require cooperation from HPCC users. We appreciate users' responses and are trying our best to answer to all questions. In order to communicate effectively going forward, we have created an announcement web page specifically for cluster updates: ICER Announcements Blog (

Now, HPCC users can check for status changes without submitting tickets. We are sorry if these changes have caused any inconveniences. Feel free to send us feedback so we can improve your experience.


Chun-Min Chang 
ICER Research Consultant