2018 HPCC Environment Update - Action Required

Dear HPCC users,

To improve system performance and stability, we are migrating iCER/HPCC systems to a new operating system image (from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7), software management system (EasyBuild), and resource scheduler (from MOAB/Torque to SLURM).  Migration of nodes to this new system is in progress and will be completed by October 15th. This will require users to examine their applications and scripts for any changes to their workflows for the new systems.  

We have prepared documentation on using this new environment, which will be continually updated.  To help users' transition into the new system, there will be open office hours every Monday and Thursday at 1 PM. In addition, group consulting can be scheduled with our research consultants and system administrators to help you recompile your code and adapt your jobs scripts to the new environment. There are also upcoming training sessions; the schedule is posted on iCER training page

We have migrated a significant number of nodes, including sixty intel16 nodes, to this new system so users can move their work to the new environment.  To access these new features, and to schedule jobs on Intel16 nodes migrated to the new system, users must log-in to a new development node dev-intel18.  This new dev-node is a prototype node for the new intel18 cluster that will be available in September.  As there are now fewer nodes running CentOS 6, users may experience significantly higher wait times on the current (CentOS 6) environment. Users will see shorter wait times on the new environment. Information about the resources currently available in the new environment is available at: https://wiki.hpcc.msu.edu/x/QwIzAQ 

Further updates will be posted on our announcements blog, and to iCER's websitenewsletterTwitter and Facebook page. If you are a primary investigator who has purchased Intel16 nodes with our buy-in program, please contact us if you want to upgrade your node to this new environment ahead of schedule.   We will also be contacting buy-in users to help your group move to the new environment.  

This will be a time of transition in the next few months; we appreciate your patience and understanding as we make these necessary changes that will improve the MSU user experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at https://contact.icer.msu.edu/contact , using the “Compute Transition” subject. 

Thank you!

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