2018 Cluster Buy-In: Have Your Say

We are no longer accepting buyins for older hardware. Instead, HPCC is planning for the installation of a brand new cluster in the recently built leading edge MSU Data Center sometime in the Spring of 2018. We are soliciting both feedback and potential interest in buying-in to the new cluster; click here for a slide show with detailed information. We cannot provide exact pricing as we have yet to even write the bid document, let alone select a vendor. However we are looking for general interest without the need for firm commitments at this time. If you think you know roughly what you have to spend and, broadly speaking, the kind of elements you would like to buy, we can use that to guide our purchase.

If you are interested in buyin, please contact Kelly Osborn (kosborn@msu.edu) with information about, potentially, what you have to spend. We’ll provide more details as they become available.


Bill Punch,
Associate Director, iCER